My baby is 1!!!

Samantha turned 1 in October. We had a great time putting this party together! The girls helped me with most of....and although we will not win any crafting contests...we truly enjoyed celebrating "our baby's" birthday!
Here is some of the girls' handy work...they decorated the balloons:-) Gotta love it!
This is Mommy's is soooooo easy to make a tutu.....I found the instructions on you's just a couple of yards of tulle.....fold and then cut the layers apart...crazy easy!

We saw one of those cute decorated hats at Hobby Lobby...of course the girls wanted to get it...and I said, "WE CAN MAKE THAT!" So here it is.....for about 1/4 the price! She wanted nothing to do with wearing it....and the paper I used was too thin...she tore the ribbon out by the end....but it was the thought that usual with b-day hats for 1 year olds :-)
I don't have any pics handy....but the girls also made hats for themselves and their cousin. We did those on white card stock and they stamped them with a cupcake stamp and colored them in. They were really cute and fun for them to make. I think home-made hats will be a tradition from now on!

Okay...most of this is store bought...(but I stole this soooooo smart trick from my super crafty friend)....I cut the letters for the word cupcake out of card stock....and then sewed them on to the banner....!PRESTO!....a customized birthday banner! Too cool, huh?

And the "piece de resistance".....the birthday throne! I found a pattern on a a cupcake birthday invite...I made two of for my scrapbook...and one for my MIL.....I ran out of time to mail no need to make any more:-( But I am getting ahead of myself....we had seen those cute high chair decorations in the catalogs....and I thought..."I can do that!" For WAY less money!! So....about an hour before the family arrived... Once again I set the girls to work....taping streamers from the tray. Then we cut the cupcakes pieces out together...then I showered while they glued them;) I put the letters and numbers on and we taped them up. I think it turned out great....considering I used stuff I already cost!
Can you see the picture of the number 1 behind the chair? The girls started making #1 posters....they drew and colored them...and then hung them all over the house. They also taped streamers all over the dining room. Like I said, We are not going to be featured in any craft magazines...but this was truly a great time for my little crafters!

And now for the CAKE!!!!!! (or should I say cupcakes!)

My baby has turned one...and boy did she enjoy it! I did a cupcake theme bc that's what was on the plates my MIL found on sale:-) It turned out to be a really fun and easy theme!

That was the end! Here is the beginning.....
It took a few minutes to decide to dive in.......
But...when she finally did...BOY did she!!!!!


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