I am loving Swag Bucks! I am probably the last person to hear about them...but just in case...here is what they are.....you get bucks for what you do already...search the internet! 45 450 Swag Bucks = $5.00 Amazon gift card.  I have been doing it for about 3 weeks and I have ony 4 more to earn! Yeah! I did A LOT of my Christmas shopping at Amazon last year...the lightening deals were awesome! So...my goal is to see how much I can get for free for my little princesses next year! It's not hard or time consuming....promise...could I ....with 4 homeschooled girls ...... do it if it was?!?!? Just click here... join up and let's see how much we can earn together for Christmas 2010!

Also...they send out codes every now and then for extra bucks...I will share them here whenever I see them.   I miss them all the time....maybe you'll do better;)  And...I just downloaded the toolbar...so it's easy to search!  Happy Swagging!

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