Snowflake Celebration Has Begun!

We started this a few years ago...every January...after we have taken all the Christmas down,  we plaster the walls and windows with paper snowflakes.  It really helps to ward off the after Christmas let down when all the pretty sparkly things have to be put away.  It also helps this Jersey Girl feel more at home in the South in January;)  I miss the snow.....not driving in it....not sloshing through the dirty snow on the street or sidewalk....but the "wake up to a still world blanketed in white.... trees covered and sparkling .... untouched, glorious snow.  It is magical!  Truly the splendor of God is revealed in the beauty of snow!
So.......Hope has dubbed this time of year..."Snowflake Celebration"...kinda catchy, huh?  We kicked it off today making  some paper snowflakes  while watching Frosty the Snowman.  Then, after dinner we had snow cones and Peep Marshmallow Snowmen while we watched Jack Frost.  In the past we have done a unit study on Snowflakes...we have learned some neat things! Anyone else have a fun winter traditions?  Would love to hear them!
lots of love,

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