they are!

Here they are!  I know they don't seem very  impressive...but they are working like...well, like an answer to prayer!
 I did not want to fork out the $20.00 for the shoe racks recommended in the I came across some of these stackable shelves at Big Lots.  I bought 2 per child. ($5 a piece) ..thinking we would start with 6 boxes each.  Well..... within a week I have come to see I'm going to need the 12 suggested by the book for  Hope.... thankfully, I had some more of these shelves  in the attic I forgot about.  So, this still did not cost a whole lot of money.  I still have stuff to add.  I need to number all of the boxes...but I need some velcro tabs.  Have not made it to Hobbly Lobby, yet......Maybe tomorrow.  I also need to laminate their schedule cards and put them on rings and hang them neatly.  But...we've been using them  all the same and it is still going great.
I will read the book, eventually and see all of Sue Patrick's  great suggestions....but until then I will just tweak as we go ;)
I wanted to share the link I found that has a ton of  info and links to others using the system on it. 
This  system has really enabled me to do so much more with Alli (K) and Emily (preschool). It forces me to plan out stuff for them ahead of time....and put what they need in the they don't lose interest while I'm looking for supplies.  And it gives me a way to add some fun craft or game to their day  with ease. The one thing I need to tweak next week is how to balance when each of them is working on stuff they can do themselves and when they need me. Because I have to stop a lot for the baby...nothing gets done the way I expect it to. Such is life with a toddler !   So...there it is our start to homeschool workboxes! Please leave a comment if you have any advice or inout to my system.  I would love to hear from you!

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