Presidents Day workboxes

Here ae some things I found on the web for President's Day.  These go great with the  MFWAdventures curriculum we are using right now!

We did not end up doing any of these....but it had such great ideas it was worth posting.  I'm hoping next year we will get around tho making the chenille cherry tree. Go here or  to check out the other ideas they had.

I found these 2 websites that had a TON of  printable stuff and other craft and activity ideas!  Go  here and here.

We are making the Powder Wigs, but with paper bags.  And we are making a President's Day mobile...I know I'm a few days's been a rough week around here! I'll post pics and links when I can find my instructions!  LOL!

Here is the box filled iwth the stuff for the Presidentail Powdered Wig.  Go here for instructions and the pattern for the bag.  (We had to trim down the the pattern to fit the girls heads)

I also plan on making Thomas Jefferson's Macaroni & Cheese.  Did you know he is credited with bringing the first macaroni machine to the US?  YUM!  Thank you Mr. Jefferson!!!  Go here to read about it and get the recipe.

This the mobile we are making.  I bought those cutouts at the dollar store at the beginning of the year...hoping to find a plan for them! And here it is! 

1. Draw that pattern on a piece of 9x12 construction paper.
2. Cut on the line and it will make a springy thingy...pretty cool, huh?
                         3. We are just going to tape the cutouts to the yarn and then tape them to the mobile.
4. And then hang!


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