Valentine's Day Workboxes

I LOVE doing holiday related crafts with my girls, but usually they get pushed to the side because I am too tired to drag all the stuff out after school:-(  Workboxes to the rescue!!!  We started simple because I am still trying to get the "flow" of the boxes worked out.  Here is what we did Monday....

This was my 4yr.'s  She was to sponge paint hearts and H's on a big piece of construction paper. We covered the letter "H", shapes, and Valentine's Day in one shot!  Soooo easy.....even put her smock in the box ;-)

This one was for my 8yr.  Not quite as exciting as paint...but I wanted paper hearts to put on our glass door in the front....soooo...her task was to creatively cut out some hearts.  They came out great!  And my door looks great, too!
I forgot to take a picture of my 6 yr.'s box.  So, here she is working....her task was to paint a heart printable with watercolors.  Everything she is using was in the box!  She made one for her Daddy and me....and one as a gift for...sorry, can't say:-)

Something we do that might work for you: We only have one family dining instead of cluttering it up with art projects that we'd have to move at lunch time....I keep a fold up card table (I bought on clearance at Wally World) next to my fridge...anytime we have messy crafts...I pull it out, grab some paper from the recycle bin, and they go to work!  Then when the masterpieces are dry/done I just fold it back up and hide it away!  Has worked great for us!

I'd love to hear what special things you are doing for Valentine's Day this month! So leave me a comment and let me know what you are up to!

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