Cooking with Kids

What a joy our children are in all different stages of their lives! We all know how sweet and cuddly and funny babies and toddlers can be.....but I am finding the next stage....the one past toddlerhood and past that hard age of 4 to 6 when they question EVERYTHING  (which is special in it's own way,) this stage my oldest is at.  We are becoming friends!  We talk about "stuff"...movies, friends, school, couponing ;)...and now we cook together!  I mean I've always invited my girls into the kitchen to help stir, etc.  But, yesterday my oldest cooked the whole meal (with just a little help from Mom). 

Here she is cooking her first meal...pretty much ALL by hersefl!


It was yummy!  Especially because I did not have to cook it all!  LOL!

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Anonymous said...

What a joy! My children help me cook often, but are still too young to cook on their own...