Time to Put on Your Bowling Shoes! Kids Bowl Free All Summer!!

Looks like the bowling centers across the country are offering a great promo this summer....up to 2 free games for kids every day all summer! Go here and register.  This will make a great family fun night once a week or a great beat the heat activity when we can't get outside!  It says you have to rent your shoes, but I know here, for the kids a lot of times they will let them wear their tennis shoes! I plan on redeeming some freebie coupons I have so hubby and I can bowl, too. I stink at bowling, but who cares....it's free and will be so much fun!
UPDATE:  We were at a bowling party last weekend and they would NOT let us wear tennis shoes to bowl.  they said someone got hurt and they had a big lawsuit.  I have heard people talking about buying them online.  I think I'm gonna check it out!

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