Meal Plan For the week of March 15

I follow Kelly over at Faithful Provisions and she absolutley believes in Menu Planning! I have tried in the past to stick to a menu plan, but it's kind of tough around here because my husband likes to cook.  I know this is a huge blessing...except he does not like to plan;)   In the past this has discouraged me from planning.  But,  this year I am resolved to plan....and work around him!  I will just have to be flexible...make a plan and then move it around if he decides to whip something up;) So, here is my first official post! (I'm hoping what Kelley says is true...if I commit to posting it every will hold me accountable and I will stick with it!


Monday- Homemade Pizza
Tuesday- Baked Chicken/ mac and cheese/ sweet peas
Wednesday-Spaghetti and Meatballs
Thursday-Pinto Beans and Rice
Saturday- Chicken nuggets and fries
Sunday-  Deer Chop Hurry/ Spinach Casserole

Lunches: Tuna on saltines / grapes
               Leftover Pizza/ raw broccoli
               Boiled Eggs/ salsa and chips
               Home-made Veggie soup
               PB sandwhiches
Snacks:   Go-gurt (frozen? Neat idea, Kelly;)
               sliced cheese and crackers
               Rice Krispy Treats
               Chex mix
Breakfast:  Cereal and milk (we eat this almost every day)
                  French Toast with home-made syrup
                  Egg burritos (hubby cooks these;)
                  Toast with various toppings if they don't want cereal

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