What Are We Gonna To Eat This Week: March 21-29

Made a plan last week and stuck to it....about half of the time.  But, the good thing was....with the plan in place I was prepared.  We moved a few dishes around...skipped a few dishes....I got really sick and just did not fell like cooking some of the time.....but overall, menu planning was a success!

So, what are we gonna eat this week?  Here's the plan......

Monday: frozen pizza/ raw veggies and dressing
Tuesday: pint beans and rice/ cornbread/ restaurant spinach casserole (I made this last week....but it was so good...I want it again!)
Wednesday: tacos/refried beans/ homemade salsa
Thursday: ? my birthday;)?
Friday: loaded baked potatoes
Saturday: whatever hubby grills, homemade macaroni and cheese, sweat peas, corn
Sunday: Chicken casserole and leftover sides

Breakfasts:  yogurt, biscuits, homemade cinnamon rolls, egg burritos
Lunches: boiled eggs, tuna on crackers, PB&J, spaghettios, leftovers
Snacks: pop-tarts, oatmeal cookies, chips and salsa, raw veggies, fruit,

Go here for a great FREE downloadable menu planning form;)
Thanks to FaithfulProvisions.com!
Those who plan will prosper!

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