What I did at CVS this week.....March 21-27

Today at community bible study..there were more questions for me  about couponing;) And while I send them over to all my favorite blogs...I think it would be helpful to share what I do at CVS each week for anyone who might be interested.  What I heard my friends saying was they did not have time to work EVERY deal and it it just so overwhelming.  But, it does not have to be.  I usually work about 3 or 4 deals at CVS a week. I come out with products that I would have bought anyway...diapers, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.  So, I'll share here my "bare bones" version of CVS coupon shopping.

What I got for $10.46 OOP! (out of pocket)
2 jumbo packs of Pampers Cruisers
1 Colgate Adv Toothpaste
1 Crest Pro-Health Rinse
1 Gallon of milk

How I did it.......
Transaction  #1
Pampers Cruisers  8.97
 -2.00 MFR coupon from insert
 -2.00 ECB from last week
 TOTAL $5.69 with tax oop (got back $3 ECB)
Transaction #2
1 Crest ProHealth Rinse  3.99
1 Colgate Adv. Enamel Toothpaste  3.99
-1.00 MFR coupon from insert
-2.00 MFR coupon from insert
-3.00 ECB from trans #1
TOTAL 2.62 with tax oop (got back $2 ECB and $3.99 ECB)

Transaction #3
Pampers Cruisers 8.97
-2.00 MFR from insert
-5.99 ECB from trans #2
1.70 with tax oop (got back $3 ECB)

Transaction #4
1 Barbers milk   3.19
-3.00 ECB
TOTAL .45 with tax oop

If I don't need anything on sale I save my last ECB until the next week.

So, this week....the way I look at it...I have a baby...she has to have diapers.....so I bought (2) $4.00 per pack of diapers and got mouthwash toothpaste, and milk for free! And...if you do the math on the diapers it's the same as you would pay for generic...but they are Pampers! And I got the free stuff! Soooooo worth the time it took to work these deals!
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Chasity said...

Is there a reason to do so many transactions.Do you get the ECB for one transaction then use on next???
I get several $4 off $20 from the kiosk when I scan my card. So I tend to put all my stuff together to get that extra off. Then use my last week ECB this week...and the ones I get on next week. Either way you save money for sure. I have several diaper and wipe coupons....saving them to give to someone. Without doing ballet...I do not see anyone who can use them. When you posted this the bell in my head went off. So PM your address on facebook and I will mail them to you.
Be blessed,

Joyce said...

Yes,Chasity, the point of doing so many transactions is to pay as little as possible out of pocket each week. Let the ECB's do the paying for me! I think it works fine your way, too. If you are sure you will need that much in the next shopping trip.
But, keep in mind for some things like the pampers, both those ECB's would have added together...so you'd have to spend over the total amount.