What made it into the Freezer Monday?!?

My goal is take Mondays and make them our cook ahead/freezer day.  My goal is to try to post what makes it into the freezer each week as incentive to keep with it. Soooooo...how did I do this Monday, you ask?

Well, here was the list of hopefuls.....
For the freezer:
Fench Toast
Spinach Casserole

For the pantry or Fridge:
Bread Crumbs
Cheese Ball (my 8 yr has been asking me to make one of these!)
French Dressing

And the winners are......(would a drunroll here be too much;)
French Toast (only had about 9 left bc my kiddos would not stop scarfing them down as i cooked them!)
Breadcrumbs (this was just some crust I had from the french toast...per request of my 8 yr to take off the crust...she said then it would really taste like it was from BK...ha!  Anyway...I just let it dry out on the counter and then ground it in a food processor...kept it plain....but I'm sure you could add whatever spices you like)

Not too bad considering I came down with a horrible head cold Sunday night and have been battling it ever since;)

Oh...and I did make homemade laundry detergeant, too!  This is something I've decided to try to use to save money.  I'll let you know how I like it! Let me know if you try it:-)  Thanks to Moms by heart for a great,  inspiring post and the recipe!

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