What is the plan, Lord?

    Okay....who out there is a list making, schedule keeping Mom or Dad? I know I am!  I love lists....they take it off my mind and put it on to the paper. I love the idea  of schedules.... I just can't seem to get my husband and kids to adhere to them:)   But, if you read this post.....then you know I am  searching for the Lord's plan for my lists and schedules, daily routines and the things I am to accomplish every day....so I can't believe what I hear Him saying. I hear Him telling me to let go of the lists and the strict schedules and seek what He has for me every moment of every hour of every day. And my response.....  Are you sure, Lord?  Let go of the schedules of my over planned, over scheduled life and turn each day...literally over to you? 
     Well, today, as I laid in bed relishing the fact that I would not have to get up and make chocolate milk, or change a diaper, or anything until I felt like it.  (My children spent the night with their Nana:)  I started feeling this conviction to ask God for His direction for the day.
    And I know we all do this in a general way, but this was different.  I was releasing the details of my life to the Lord.....every detailed thing!   I would go and do only what I felt He was prompting me to do.
     And the result......well I took the baby to the doctor, ran a few errands, came home and did laundry and did Spring cleaning in my bedroom...I mean pulled out the nightstands, got all the nasty dust off the windows and blinds, washed the curtains and all that good stuff. Then, I got caught up on my computer, fixed dinner , cleaned up afterwards, and still had time to snuggle with my hubby while we watched Lost:) And the best part I was not  anxious, or grumpy, or short tempered with my family.  I just followed the prompting of the Holt Spirit and just did the things I felt led to do. And what a productive day I had!  Don't know why I ever questioned it!
     Now, the trick is to this every day...I mean really do it.  This is tough for me.....I have a list in my head every day of things I want/need to get done....and I like to accomplish at least some of those things.   I realize that leaving my days up to the Lord may change my plans.....but as a very wise woman told me...there  is power in submission! I know if I truly submit to the plans God has for me I will be accomplishing so much more! Not just housework, but focusing on His Will will bring me to a place where I have my home and life in order so I am more free to minister to others:)

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, submit your requests to God."  Philippians 4:6

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