Pick and Draw

I recently won the game Pick and Draw from this giveaway I entered.  I wanted to tell you how much we love this game! It is easy and fun! All of my girls can do it...well not the baby, obviously:) But, the 8, 6, and 5 year old can all play.  It is a great family game, or they can wok on it independently...like, say, in workboxes:)  They go get it all the time on their own and just start playing.  Because they can draw the shapes so many different  ways, they play it over and over again!  It comes with instructions on how to play and suggestions on how to change it up. It also somes with a really neat card to read to them about  how we are all different, but Jesus loves us all the same!  Visit their website here  to check it out for yourself.

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