Summer is finally here!!!!

  Doesn't summer make you think of watermelons! 

Well, whatever images summer invokes...I'm just glad to say it is finally here at out house!  I counted our school days and we are 2 over as of today. So...that means we do not have to school tomorrow or Monday!  WooHoo!  I think  I need a break  just as bad as the kiddos do! I have  been weirdly lazy the past couple of days.  I have found myself just hanging out!  Usually I am working on some project, or clipping coupons, or if nothing else...making a "to do" list.  But, it has really been nice to just let myself shut down and relax.
We did not finish Adventures.  Is that terrible of me?  We started late...and then with time off at Christmas and dragging our feet at other times...we just did not get through it.  We did finish our core stuff....Math-U-See, Spelling, PLL, and we studied the whole book of Acts at Community Bible Study.  Soooooo, I'm not gonna stress about it.  We did what is required by our cover school. We'll just do the rest of Adventures in 3rd grade.  I will also have one in  First grade next year and one in K.  So, maybe this will work out great....bc then two older girls  can  start the cycle together the year after that.  And I will be back to teaching only 2 different sets of subject matter.
So, if I can just get through next year teaching K, 1st, and Adventures all at the same time!!!!!
Yes, it seems Mommy needs summer break as much as the kids! 

All that being said......I have made the decision to school very, very lightly this year.  In summers past we have worked almost straight through.....trying to finish up or get a head start on the next year.  This year we are going to focus only on the things they need to keep fresh on.  The 8 yr will keep up her math and reading and Spanish.  The 6 yr will keep up her reading and math  and Spanish.  And I am going to work with the 5 yr on her handwriting and beginning reading skills. 
 The maybe we can do some fun stuff!  I want to plant herbs in pots.  It may be too late.....but, if not....surely that is a unit study right there! My 8 yr has been begging me to find her some sewing projects and work with her on them.  Sounds like school to me;)  And...last but not least.....I think we are going to invest in some bowling shoes and free bowl all summer!  Hmmm.....physical education?
Then, there are all the "Mommy" projects staring at me from dusty corners.  Maybe I will get to a few of those.....finally! 
But.....absolutely NO lesson plans! Just a couple of books and a general plan!   
Praying we all have a fun, restful summer!

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Sharon Cz said...

I sure like the restful summer idea. My plan too but so far hasn't quite panned out that way. Am still planning for my restful summer. maybe we'll start school in October :-) How do you like Adventures?