Swag Bucks

Swag Bucks is an awesome way to earn free stuff online!  It is basically a search engine that rewards you in points called Swag Bucks.  Then, you redeem those Bucks for gift cards to tons of places! 
(It only takes 450 Bucks to win $5 at Amazon)

Just join here to start earning!

Now,  download the toolbar and use it to search the web.  You will win randomly throughout the day!  It is truly as easy as that!

You can also earn a couple a day by  browsing Special Offers:
Go to "Ways to Earn" on the toolbar.
Then go to "Special Offers" in the drop down box
Then go to "View Our No Obligation Offers" (you click the red box that says GO)
Then just SKIP through all the offers and at the end you will be rewarded a few bucks!  You can do this everyday!

There are also Swag Hunts for special codes randomly....so watch your toolbar!

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