Are any of you a rearrange-it-aholic?

I am....again and again and again!  Toady's project.......How to take apart a daybed! Today we moved the daybed back into the big girls' room.  Yes, I said back....because just a few short 18 months ago we moved it out of that room so they could have the handmade bunk beds that were given to us by a friend. (Which were in the little girls room until the big girls pitched a fit for them.)   These bunk beds must have been moved one too many times....bc  last winter I walked into their room to see the top bunk leaning so far to one side it was almost to the floor.  Needless to say we took those down and just set their beds up on the floor.  This has been driving me CRAZY!  Everything just looks messy if your bed looks messy....and there is no way to make a bed on the floor look neat! (Have I mentioned I have a touch of OCD?)  I have been trying to figure out how to fix their room up without spending any money.  Then it hit me......That daybed is in the little girls room holding only one child's bed would make much more sense back in the big girls room.  DUH! So, to take the load off my hubby....I moved all the beds and toys and took apart the daybed.  He put it back together and then  I had to find a way to store all the toys again!  
We got the little girls room back together....but I still have a ton of toys on the pool table!  I'm gonna need some more plastic storage bins....a rearrange-it-aholics best friend.'s gonna be a long night!  So glad Wal-mart is 24 hour! Better get a move on!

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