I feel like the worst mother, but I found the best dentist!

  Today we went to a new dentist...Dr.  King.  And they are awesome!  The whole staff was super friendly and very kind.  They took all four of us....at the same time.....which was a feet in itself!  Trying to get all of us in, paperwork done and ex-rays taken was quite an event.  Then, they still had to clean our teeth! So, why do you ask am I feeling like the worst Mommy?  My 6 yr has two cavities....and I have one:( I'm used to having them....I always have them.  I brush and floss and gargle and all that good stuff....but I almost always have a cavity at check-up time.  I always blame it on my "genes".  My husband never goes to the dentist, does the minimal maintenance and does not have one cavity!  The two other girls must have their Daddy's teeth genetics....bc they were both good to go.  So, for now it looks like it's just me and my sweet 6 yr with the "stinky teeth genes."  Still, somehow, I feel as though I have failed as a mommy.  I should never have given her candy, or I should  have made her brush longer, or showed her one more time how to do it the right way,  or maybe I should still be brushing her teeth.   Oh, the guilt thing....isn't it lovely?   And, the thing is I know better.....I have two other daughters whose teeth were fine.  I just can't help it!
But, if you are local and are looking for a dentist...I absolutely recommend Dr. King's office!  They were so patient with my kids....going back an forth between rooms....asking a zillion questions!  We were their last appointment and Dr. King just kind of sat there and hung out with my kids.  He let them play with some of the tools (which will come back to haunt us....did I mention he doesn't have kids, yet?)....and then they all got their goody bags and a silly band!  They were already asking on the way home when it would be time to go back?  My oldest wants to have her teeth cleaned every week! 

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