Twisted Fish by McNeil Designs for a Brighter Minds

We finally had time to sit down and check out this game I won a few months ago. Well, we loved it!  Okay, we all know how to play Go Fish, right?  Well, this is Go Fish with a twist...and it's really cool! You have to have 5 of the same crazy fish(one of each color) to set down your "full basket". When all players are out of cards you count the points you have in each basket to determine the winner.   But, that's not all....there are Zinger cards!  Cards that you can use to stop someone from taking a card from you, or zing them and take any card you want from them randomly! They really make the game interesting! It was just me a my game-lovin' 6 yr today....I can't wait to try this for family game night! 

On a side note....  I love the very tongue in cheek way they discourage any kind of cheating.  It reads something like this......always be truthful while playing or  "the player telling  'a whopper' will lose all points and be shunned as an unclean outcast."  I got a good laugh just from reading the instructions. 

The box says for 6 and up, but they really should  be reading to play so they can  read what kind of fish it is.  They may not  know from the zany pictures. (She called the blow fish the mayor  fish bc he is in a suit....if that gives you an idea?)  We just showed each other the card we were asking for, but that  does gives stuff away.  This game will truly be fun to play for years and years to come!

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