Family Movie Night Recap

We have a movie night almost every week in my house.  We have been doing this for quite a few months, now.  It works out really good.  Even when we are too tired to do anything else....we can cuddle on the couch together and watch a family friendly movie.  We usually have popcorn and some kind of treat....either candy or ice cream.  It has really turned into a special evening my girls look forward to every week.  So here is what we watched last night......
This movie is rated G. I don't remember any out of the way language or comments.  There were a couple of fight scenes, between the monkeys and the aliens.   But, nothing I would declare as violent.  On our rating scale we would give it any "okay." (My husband called it a dud)  It was cute and age appropriate.  The girls seemed to enjoy it, but did not ask to watch it again the next morning.  So, I think if you can get it out of the Redbox it will be a cute movie for younger children.  (It's not for grown-ups and definitely not one you will watch over and over.) 
Joyful's  Rating: Just for the Kids
Do you have a family fun night?  Leave a comment and tell me what your family does each week!

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