How to fit a family of 6 in less then 200 sq ft! PART 2: Changing Clothes out for the Season

This is what I am working on today.......
And I put half of it away already!!   WAAAAAA!!!  That is me crying like a baby because I DESPISE  moving clothes around every season. We have been very blessed with tons of hand-me-downs, and while I am very thankful for them......I  have a hard time keeping them organized.   I never know how much to keep.  And the worst part is figuring out where to put it all! I know I'm not the only one in this boat.  Martianne over at Wonder and Will has a great spread sheet listing what she keeps. She will send to you if you email her.
          I have it in hand and  intend to keep up with everything as I go through it this time.  Hopefully, this will help me know what we actually need the next time I'm at Kohl's and they have clothes marked down 70%-80%  I tend to come home with extras of stuff we had plenty of, but I did not know it!
 Here is the plan:
  • Sort everything by size
  • have the grits try it all on
  • List it on my spreadsheets
  • Scale what we own down according to the lists
  • Sell or donate what we are not keeping
Then on to where to put it all.....
Down here in the south sorting is a bit more tricky because yu can have warm, even hot weather until the end of November.  So, you really have to have winter and summer stuff at the ready.....just in case.   I have tried all sorts of storage  plans.  They just haven't worked to reduce my stress and work load this time of year.  So, I'm trying a new plan.
  • Hang thier current sizes clothing that can be worn pretty much all year long in their closets
  • Box the very warm winter stuff and the very light (tanks and strappy stuff) summer stuff in their size and put those boxes in their closets.
  • Hang the clothes in the next size up in their closets (if space allows)

Then I will look at how much room I have and see what room I have left in their closets.  Some may have to go back to the shed.
          I know it seems like July is waaaayyy to early to be doing this, but hear me out.  In 2-3 weeks we will start back to school.  This way I know exactly what we need (if anything at all) when those great back to school sales happen.  Also, our local consignment sale will be the end of September. It usually takes me two weeks to complete the process of sorting, putting away and then tagging what we are going to sell.  (and that is with quite a few nights working very late t to get it done)  Hopefully, starting this now will eliminate the stress of  the "clothes horse" during school....when my focus needs to be on that.  And, allow me to shop effectively this fall and not spend on stuff that we did not need.  And not loose sleep in the process!
          One more thing I have to add......we have this much because of very generous hand-me-downs and relatives who like to buy for my grits.  I want to remember what Martianne wrote at then end of her post.....these clothes are a blessing!   And although it is a lot of work to sort through them, I am very thankful to have so much!


Brandi said...

I feel your pain! Like you, I am thankful to have them, but dread the chore. It is great once it is done!

Joyce said...

Yes, it does feel great when it is done;)