How to fit a family of 6 in less then 2000 sq ft! PART 2A: Changing Clothes out for the Season

Here is my Dancing Grit sorting out her  fall/winter clothes by what it  is was....short sleeve tops, pants, jeans, etc. She did a great job and took some of the work off of me.   (If you want to see where I started with this project go here. )  I  had already sorted all the clothes by size.  Then I had all the grits try everything  on to see what fit and what they liked.  Then, it was time to sort them by "kind of clothing" and record what we had on the spreadsheets I told you about here.   After she sorted it all out,  this is what we had.....
WOW!  That is a lot of stuff!  Somehow we got it all hung and boxed up.  We did have to go to Target twice for more hangers.  I think we bought 7 packs in total for the 3 big girls!  And I still need at least  one more pack! Phew!

        This is what I had to donate after we went through it all......except that little bag, it goes to a friend who loans me stuff for the baby.   Boy, it felt good to get even that much out of the house!

     This is what I have to consign at our local sale in a few months.  I have more in the shed!  Hopefully, we'll have a good size check to cover birthdays this year. ( I have 3 in the Fall!)

     I think I kept  more then the list said to.  But, I did get rid of a lot! Here is my logic......  If I can fit it in their closets comfortably..... I'm going to keep.  This way as they stain stuff up....which my kids do ....I don't have to worry about not having enough nice stuff for the next child. Remember....this stuff has 4 kids to go through!   Also, my first two have very different styles.  The first likes really girly things and flowers and lace.  The second...well, we call her a tom-girl. She's not all tomboy, but she is NOT girly girl, either.  So, she likes a lot of the stuff the oldest will pass on.  And then  the 5 yr old loves girly stuff, too. So I still have to hang on to it. Girls!!!!
   I've decided that in order to not let it get out of hand,  from now on when something new comes in .....they will have to choose something to come out of their closets. Because, even though they have a ton of stuff, it's still fun to get new things every now and then.  And, although Maw-Maw has slowed waaaaayyy down....she will never stop buying altogether. I'll do the same with the hand-me-downs....if they love it and want to keep it, they will have to replace something with it....not just add it.
    I also remembered a neat trick i got somewhere...sorry can't remember where.  But, what you do is turn all the hangers the wrong way.  then as you put stuff back in the closet you can see what you are actually wearing by which hangers are turned around.  Then I can scale down based on what they actually wear. 
Hopefully, this is a good plan.   What do you think?   Have a better idea....I would love to hear it!  Leave a comment and tell me how you organize your children's clothes!
Coming Soon:  Part 2B: The Finished Closets

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Renee said...

Our first home was 1900 sq feet, there were 5 of us and we had LOTS of extra space. In the future we lived in smaller govt quarters (twice) with 7 people....//.