How to fit a family of 6 in less then 2000 sq ft! PART 2B: Changing Clothes out for the Season

Here are pictures of the little Grits' closet.  I worked the same process for them as I posted about here...except I did all the sorting.  Goofy Grit did try all of her clothes on, though. 

I love over-the-door shoe bags.They are easy, space saving  and  hold tons of different stuff in all different rooms of my house.  This one is just holding shoes at the moment.   I also have some sun hats and misc. things tucked in the top holders.  This is all shoes for both grits....they have a very manageable amount!
This bottom hanging rack holds Goofy Grit's outfits.  For her, we hang almost everything by outfit.  I don't have enough drawer space for much more then PJ's and undies.....and this way stuff does not get as wrinkled out of the dryer.  (I do not iron any day but Sunday)  Goofy Grit gets the bottom rod so she can reach it and get dressed herself.  I have everything but church dresses and Christmas clothes hung here.  The Fall/Winter stuff is behind the summer things.  When the weather starts to change I will rotate it out.  Hopefully, this will make the transition form season to season simpler. Rotate, try on, remove is the plan!  Those boxes on the shelf hold her "special" stuff.  Things we don't want the baby to get into. There she keeps her Nintendo DS, her make-up bag and her "trinket box."  And I can't forget her coupons! Ever since I've been couponing my grits all have demanded their own box of Q' sweet....they want to be like their Mommy.  Bless their hearts;)
 The top hanging rack holds Baby Grit's clothes and some of Goofy grit's nicer we . have something to wear to Publix that is not stained.   Those boxes up top are holding the next  few sizes up for Baby Grit and the really warm winter jammies.
These 3 boxes are holding the size Goofy Grit is growing out of, the size she is growing into and the next size up for the baby.   That is a command hook....I LOVE those things....holding a cool pillowcase bag a friend made.  That is Goofy Grits ballet stuff.  We keep everything in there...leotards, tights and shoes.  This way when it is time to dress for dance...she grabs her bag and has everything she needs.   Can you see my neon pink labels?!?!    They are not fancy....but they were free at Office Depot with a coupon last they a are perfect for me.  I really do like the bright color....makes it easy to spot them....even on the diaper boxes up top.
On this side of the closet I did have a row of adjustable shelves on tracks.  These came in very handy when this room was the playroom and we had games and puzzles stacked on them.  Right now, I don't need as many shelves on I just took down what I did not want and put it in a box in the shed.  I kept a couple to hold these 2 boxes above those big totes.  The blue box holds extra bags. What is it about girls and bags? We seem to accumulate more bags than Grits!  But, just when I get rid of them I seem to need them.  I have a few extras for each girl in this box.   The brown box is  for stuff I need to sort through.  A wonderful friend has lent me all of her stuff for Baby Grit...why don't I have any of my own after 3 other girls....that's another story;)   Anyway, as baby grit outgrows those things I will put them in this box, then when I get a shopping bag full I will return them.  I can also put Goofy grit's "too smalls" in there until I have time to sort them.

These are Goofy Grit's drawers.  I can't remember where I got the idea for the shoe boxes in there....somewhere out there in the blogging world. (when I remember I will link it, promise)  Anyway....isn't that a brilliant idea!  I had a few extra from our old workbox system and then just took the tops off the regular ones.  This way Goofy Grit can keep it all straight....mostly;)  My grits put away there own it's important to make it easy to keep neat.
The socks and undies are in boxes and then the PJ's are tucked neatly in between.  The other drawer has leggings, jean shorts and jeans. 
Baby grit's drawers have basically the same set up. They are just arranged a little different and I had to find a place for bloomers.
Of course, not everything can be hid away in our tight hooks on the back of the door hold seasonal coats and backpacks.  I know we are homeschoolers....why backpacks.....but all kids love to have them.  And we did use them for Community Bible Study.
This is a coat rack turned on it's side.  What little Grit's room would be complete without a place to hang her hats and purses?
        I know this is already a super long post......but I have to once again acknowledge God's help with all of this.  I just barreled into this project without praying.  How quickly we forget the things we know, huh?  I was just spinning my wheels and then I realized what I had done. After I asked for help and blessings...things all started to fall into place.   The other praise is that, again, I did not have to buy anything for this project!

I think that covers all the clothes/closet type stuff.  What do you think? I love comments and please give me any ideas  you have to make my system better!   Thanks and Blessings!

Coming Soon:  Part 2C: The Big Grits Room
                        Part 3:  Organizing Our Laundry Room

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