Manic Monday:Clipboard to the Rescue

  "Just Another Manic Monday.......Wish it were Sunday...."
 I still love that Bangles song, don't you?  I think it's because it has always rung so true in my life....and it still does.

Does anybody else have a head swirling with "to-do" lists every Monday?  On top of a house that is a wreck from the weekend?  AND piles of laundry...bc when you leave it alone for one MULTIPLIES!!!  I need to get a grip on my Mondays!  And, although, my ultimate plan is to force my children to stay in bed until noon so they don't interrupt me until the house is clean....I don't think that will work on to plan B!

I have my handy dandy clipboard stocked with 7 sheets of loose leaf paper.  Each paper has a day of the week written on top.  This week I will list the things I do that day, the things I need others to do that day, and
the things I wish I could get done that day!

Hopefully by the end of the week I will have a rough draft for a cohesive weekly plan! Wish me luck! And if you have some great Monday Saving tips...please, please, please.....leave a comment!


Martianne said...

Hope this works for you... What has been working for me us a Done list, not a to-do one. I only put essential to-do's on a list (my calendar) -- bills, phone calls, appts. Everuthing else stays in my mind or on project sheets until it's actually done. Then, I write my done list. This may seem backward, but it helps me mentally. Instead of stressing at the end of the day about all the to-do's left on the list, I can look at my list and recognize I did a lot. Also, looking at it helps me evaluate holes -- areas and roles of my life I am letting the ball drop in -- as well as see, realistically, how much I can really do in a day w/ kids, etc.

Joyce said...

That sounds like a very encouraging way to do it, but I need to get it out of my brain and on to paper. It's like if it's on paper I don't have to obsess/worry about it. Does that make sense?
Funny, how all we are all wired differently;) Thanks for coming by!