What We Like Wednesday

We love PixOs.  My grits  have played with these on a regular basis since Christmas. 

They are tiny plastic beads in a rainbow of colors that they lay on a grid to make a picture or pattern. 
 This is the tool they use to pick up the tiny beads and place them where they want them.  It is like a tiny bulb suction.  

Then, they use this spray bottle to spray them with water. This makes the beads stick together.  

When they are dry they take them off the grid and enjoy their creations.  

There are patterns to put up under the grid they can follow. Or,  they can create something on their own.  These come in the different kits or you can print them out at the PixOs website. They also tell you what colors  will be needed to make the pattern and the number  of each.  My girls usually  improvise on the color scheme, because we rarely have enough of the exact colors.  We like to put self stick magnets on the back of them and put them on the refrigerator.  They can also use them as toys. (remember they are plastic, so they are durable;)
We have the Ultimate design station.  It works well, but does take up a lot of space.  I got them on Amazon last year for Christmas.  If you have a shelf to keep these on I would recommend them. ( I will probably be looking for a station they can use that is more compact for this upcoming year:)

                        This toy promotes:
  • Fine motor skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Creative thinking

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