Do you know what a muscadine is?

I didn't either until I married my southern boy and went to visit his family in North Alabama. His cousin took us muscadine picking.  After eating  a few I was hooked.  They grow on vines down here in the south.  They are sort of like grapes with a skin too tough to eat.  You have to bite the skin enough to pop out the middle and then swallow it avoiding the seeds.   Mr. Steady spits out his seeds.  Was that too much information?!?  I just kind of get the taste on my tongue and then swallow the whole thing down.  They are also great frozen!

   Well, we are so blessed to have a neighbor who has a vine that grows in the trees behind her house.  Most summers (close to the end...that must be when they are ripe) she calls us and tells us they are ready to pick.  She doesn't eat them..  She is missing a really fun, southern treat!  Here are the GRITS picking away....
The Grits are saving the seeds to plant our very own muscadine vine! 
Not a bad idea, except I hear they will take over if you don't keep up with them!

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