Earth Fare Field Trip

So, we have not even had our first  official day of school yet, and we've already been on our first field trip!  Can you tell what kind of homeschooler I am?  We love field trips, park programs, art programs, and  anything that gets us out of the house to learn!  So, why homeschool then, you say?  Because we get to do it together, of course!
So, we had a really great first field trip to Earth Fare on Friday.  I learned a lot....usually what happens! And the best part was we ate our way through the store!
Here they are listening to our guide explain what the different color signs in the produce department mean.( Local, Organic, or Conventional) We got peach samples.....yum!
Here the are getting to try aloe juice.  It was really good!
Think we are waiting in line for the peanut butter here.  They have machines that make it from peanuts right there in the store......too cool!  And it was fabulous!  We are not organic, yet.  But this is the first thing I'm switching!
Yummy cinnamon popcorn!
And Baby Grit licking the glass on the meat case.....she does this with my glass doors at home, too.  Wonder what vitamin deficiency she has that causes her to crave glass!
I don't know what happened to the pictures of them eating the best sample....the pizza! Baby Grit must be a green at heart.......bc she couldn't get enough!

And our Earth Fare feeds up to 6 children free with one adult buying at least $5 of food every Thursday! Guess where we will be on Thursdays!

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Brandi said...

We love field trips too! That Thursday nite thing sounds like a sure winner to me!

Love the part about Baby Grit licking the glass!