How to fit a family of 6 in less then 2000 sq ft! PART 4: Organizing the Entry Way Closet

This was the first closet I organized....I don't know why it's the last I'm going to show you.  But, it is by far my favorite!  It has made my life sooooo much simpler! I forgot to take "before" here are the "afters"......
To the left of this shoe organizer are the adult the right are the Grits coats. 
There is a plastic shoe box for each family member to put things like sunglasses, hats and  gloves in.  Basically whatever they need going out the door.  (Baby Grits has her diaper stuff in it;)

I also have one box with our Lowe's and Home Dept aprons and one with our portable movie player in it.
I keep the Grits rain boots in the front closet.  This way if they need to throw them on last minute they are handy.
The top shelf has two boxes for out-of-season stuff....hats and gloves from the winter....beach bag stuff from the summer.  I'll pull the stuff down from the current season as i need it.  The other box is for my  backpacks and fanny packs. I know, I know....fanny packs!?!?  But, they are so handy! Function over fashion these days!
     There is also a designated place for my purse/diaper bag.  Thank you Organizing Junkie for helping me see the light on making this spot a priority  in my closet!
This side has my "I'm outta here" shelf.  Another huge tip from Organizing Junkie. Everything that needs to leave  my house goes on that shelf...then as I am walking out the door I check it. The stuff actually  gets taken with me now!  The top of the shelf (which just has a towel on it in this picture) will hold my beach/pool bag in the summer and my Bible study books in the winter.

So here is another  shoe organizer in action! This one holds library books bags, our GPS, Baby Grit's Maya Wrap (I think she may have outgrown this....but I can't seem to part with it), binoculars, cameras, and the list goes on.  I did label these because you can't see through the mesh.  That is just card stock attached with a pin.  Nothing fancy:) There is also a note telling me to "Check the I'm Outta Here shelf"....this way I don't forget;) Again, nothing fancy....just functional.
I love my entry way closet now! It is working great to keep me organized going out the door and it keeps all that stuff from junking up my entry way!
What do you think?  I would LOVE any comments you might have!

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Anonymous said...

We are only a family of 3 and we have two closets full of stuff! This is amazing! I've slowly been working on de-cluttering the closets and keeping in them only what we need and getting them organized. But, it's been a long process. I put hooks up on the inside of one of the closet doors and have the diaper bag hanging there. But I took my purse down because the strap broke (I got it at the Dollar Store, but love it!) I'm gonna follow Organizing Junkie's lead and put it in a basket in the closet.