How to fit a family of 6 in less then 2000 sq ft! Part 3: Organizing The Laundry Room

Just looking at these pictures sends my OCD into overdrive!   This room has been driving my crazy for a while.  I knew getting this room in shape would make such a difference for us.  This room is one of  3 central  rooms  of our home.  (The other 2 would  be the kitchen and the family/school room. ) This room was definitely NOT  working like it needed to.......

Everything was just stuffed in the cabinet! And can you see the stuff piling up on the dryer because there is no where to put it!
These shelves are above my washer....they are handy, but were not being utilized to their highest potential.
This shelf is on the wall opposite wall of the washer.  The junk stuff up top has to go to the shed. I used the space below to hang extra hangers and clothes as they come out of the dryer. Those little black hooks are for hanging dedicates.  They are the best thing!  A friend gave them to me when we were in college....and I use them all the time! 
This is our laundry station.  I got this idea from he Duggars...that TV family with 2o or so children.  Her shelves were bigger and could hold actual  laundry baskets on them.  I could not fit that in my space, so I got this shelf at Wal-mart a few years ago and put  plastic dishpans on them.  I got them for a dollar at Fred's. . They fit a small to medium load in them.  My girls have been trained to sort their clothes right into the correct bin....then we just grab the bin, dump it in the washer and go!  Goofy Grit still has trouble knowing what is "dark" and what is "light" we do have to keep an eye on it.  But this works for us and I love it because it makes my life simpler. knew there was going to be command hooks somewhere in here!  Actually they are everywhere in this room.  Here are these cute little dusters I picked up at Wal-mart in the car section. (I think the $1 store may have these, too) One for each of the older grits.  This is what they use to dust every week. And they hang neatly in reach with those trusty command hooks!
This is the back wall.  Here is our recycle station......crammed in between the water heater and our casket freezer. Clearly, this is  not working! 
These shelves are on the back wall.  Not bad....but not great either!
We use this trash can for aluminum cans.  We sell them locally and make a few bucks off them every couple of weeks. it goes into our "Family Fun" money;)
Here is the finished product.......
Nothing much has changed here.  I love my bag holder.  We use plastic shopping bags for everything, and this holder keeps them very handy! I like my broom here, too.  It's right inside the door, so I can grab it easily when I need it, but it does not have to live in my kitchen.
     These are the shelves above the washer. They now hold my laundry detergent, stain sticks and our bubbles. I know....why bubbles there?  Because I don't know where else to put them that they are easy to get to, but not in reach of little hands:)
     What I love best about this area is all the empty space!  Lots of room for any stock piling I might be able to do because of coupons! YAY!
That tote on top has air fresheners in it.   I know it's high....but you'll see later I have a stool stashed in here for that!
     Can you tell this is between the washer and the dryer?  I have had these stack-able drawers everywhere in my house....but I think they have finally found their home!  I have our sunscreen, batteries, laundry bags, and stray socks in them. I put the sunscreen and batteries in the lower shelves so the older grits can get to them when needed. I know I need to label them...I will soon...promise;)   I also have two drawers with the swimsuits in them.  This is so  I can just throw all suits in there after they come out of the laundry and the Grits  just come in here to change when they are going to play in the sprinkler/hose.  Oh, I think I have one drawer with all types of tape....scotch,  masking and packing tape, too.   Again...... so everyone can help themselves to what they need. independence is key to survival in a big family!
     And can you see that blue thing  down on the floor?  That is our Sesame Street step stool. It  fits  perfectly there!  It easy to access, but not in the way...perfect!  I am so tired of tripping over get this if you have small children;)

 The top of those shelves is a nice little place for my dryer sheets!  The wire shelf up high in the corner is holding boxes that will hold out-of-season things and extra dance/tumbling stuff.  The one box has tights in it right now....when the weather cools off I will put the tights in the drawers and put the swimsuits up there.  Hopefully, this will keep the "changing of the season chaos" to a minimum!  I also hang my wire hangers for our local consignment sale on the underside of the shelf.  If you consign at one of these type sales, you know how important these hangers are. My supply is very low....will have to work on that!   Way up high....on top of the cabinet are two boxes with extra  light bulbs in them. I figure I won't need to get to these very often, so they are good up there.
couponing!)  Those top baskets have extra sponges and cleaning clothes.  One is empty....I love means I have extra space when I need it!

This is another organizing tip I read in a mag a long time ago....hang things on the inside of your cabinet doors.  I do it in my kitchen with my measuring cups and it works great.  So, I thought....why not here?  This is the key to all of our door knobs.  This way if someone locks themselves in a room by a 2 year old baby grit....we all know where the key is to get her out.

This is the back wall of the room.  That freezer does double duty.  Obviously it is a freezer....and it is also a laundry folding station! I know...I'm so smart...hehe;) 
     The shelves above are holding shoe boxes with all sorts of little things in them  I don't want little hands to get into.   There  is one for everything...shoe shine,  candles, putty, glue, string and twine, Command hooks, and  razor blades (my husband needs them for his box cutters).  And the best part is again I have quite a few empty boxes.....extra space when I need it!  I put those stack-able closet wire shelves from our old workbox system in here to take advantage of all the vertical space I could.
     To the can't see it in the all of my  extra house paint and spray paint.  I was told to keep that stuff out of the heat because it will change the it stays in my laundry room.   I also have some of the bigger cans stacked on the floor the right on the freezer. 
     And the last thing on the wall  is the big 'ol bag of dog food.  It is kind of right in the way....but that was the best I could do.  Hey, you can't win them all!
This is the new recycle center.  It works much better on this wall...don't ask me why. Cans go in the trash can, plastic in the top bin, then paper, then cardboard.  I bought all those at a yard sale for like $5!
Our laundry sorting station stayed exactly where it was.  Still love this!
This shelf now holds all of our extra hangers and extra toilet paper and paper towels.   Oh, you can see the paint up top in this picture:)
Still have all the dusters on this wall....I just lowered them so everybody can reach them.   This is the wall behind the door.
Here is the cleaner Dancing Grit uses in the bathrooms every day and our mop and bucket. These are under those dusters.  And everybody needs a toolbox in the here is ours. Sorry...thought I swept the floor before the picture! ~OOPS!~
This is one of those handy dandy shoe bags at work in another room.   Everything else is in here....and a easy reach!  I  also keep old rags here to clean with in easy reach of the grits!

Last but not least....this little bucket.  It is my trash bucket.  I highly recommend you put a small trash in your laundry room.  You would be amazed how many tags, papers, junk and dryer lint you will need to throw away. A little trash can will save you lots of walks to the kitchen! This is just an old strawberry picking bucket.  I did not have any other place to put I hung it.  Works great!

 I also wanted to shoe you the grits laundry baskets  baskets in action.  I bought these at Wal-mart. We decorated them paint markers when we first got them.  but, most of it is worn off by now.
     I lay them out in order by age...oldest to youngest. (BTW....that is how I do everything.  All drawers, piles, lists...everything having to do with the grits goes from oldest to youngest.  So, I  know whose is whose without thinking  about it.) Then we fold right out of the dryer and put the clothes right into the baskets.  We lay hanging clothes off to the side and then I hang them all at once. Then, the Grits pick up their baskets and hangers and put it all away themselves.
This room has turned out better then I could have imagined. It functions great  for such a small space! I almost look forward to doing laundry.  Almost!
How did I do?  I'd love it if you would leave a comment letting me know what you think!  Thanks!


Sharon Cz said...

How do I do it? Well, I put htings in whatever cabinet I can find and spend an inordinate amount of time wandering about trying to find things. You are an amazing organizer!!

Joyce said...

Thanks, Sharon:)