Make It Happen Mondays!

Mondays posts are inspired by and dedicated to the unorganized snafu I call my life!  I have gone from Manic Monday to Make it Happen Mondays because I know I have to have vision!  The kind of vision it takes to seek out, learn, and utilize whatever  tools and tricks  I can  to make the most of my time and energy. 
This yahoo calendar.  Simple, right?  So...why was I not using it!
Mine has been right there on my toolbar for as long as I can remember.  I'm not sure if I put it there, or if it shows up automatically....but either way it's there.  And so easy to use.  I have been putting everything on it from dinner planning, to chores, to daily errands and appointments.
   I love that I can set up email reminders for events.  And events on my homeschool yahoo group automatically show up there.  Only thing I don't like is that I don't have any other device to sync it up with.  So, I have no back up. Hopefully, soon, though.

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