My Trip to New Jersey: The Big Mall with an Elevator!

   When I left off we were at the border eating breakfast.  It was still about 2 hours from my brother's in central Jersey, so we got back in the car and headed north.  I called him on the way and he is so awesome.  He was washing his sheets so Mr. Steady and I could take a nap when we got there! I, of course, could not sleep.  I was too hyped up about being in Jersey.  Mr. Steady, on the other hand, went right to sleep. He earned it!
       I knew the kids were going to need something to do soon.  I realized the Freehold Raceway Mall was right across the street. I know it's not that big of a mall compared to so many others. But, it is definitely the biggest mall my grits have ever seen. I mean the mall here has like 4 major stores and a few smaller stores sprinkled in between....all on one floor. It has grown by leaps and bounds since I moved here 15+ years ago, but it does not hold a candle to this mall! I knew my grits would have a ball at this huge two-story mall! So, I jumped in the shower and got dressed while they played with Uncle Vinnie.  Yes, I'm from N.J. and my brother's name is Vinnie. And, no, we are not involved in the mafia in any way.
     Then,  I got the grits changed and pretty clean with a couple of wet wipes.  They can work miracles in a tight! Mr. Steady woke up when we were about to leave and we all got in and headed on over.
        We started on the second floor.  They were  wide eyed when they walked in and saw the height of the ceiling and the number of stores.  They took right to mall shopping....taking off into a surf shop first.  I don't remember the name, but the outside looked like a beach house....and the inside was dark with LOUD music playing.  My grits took off like they were in a candy store.   They were excited and it showed!  Next they wanted to check out Limited.  Which was one of my favorite stores to shop at as a teenager.  Now it's Wal-mart and Target...o, how our priorities change:)  Next ,was some shoe store with wild shoes in it!  My brother was teasing us the whole way with his bad southern accent!   Something along the lines of, "Look at all the big stores maw!"
     Then they saw the escalators!  I did not ride the first go around because the baby was in the stroller and I was not sure I could do the whole stroller on the escalator thing. The plan was...they  would ride down on the escalator and then back up on the elevator.  Meet me and then we would circle around to the door we came in at. Well, that plan quickly changed!  They would have rode up and down those escalators all day if we had let them!  Finally, we coaxed them into leaving and headed home for lunch. Such a big day for my grits!  At something  as simple as a mall!  It just isn't hard to please small town grits.

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