My trip to New Jersey: The Drive Up


We left Alabama at about 2:20 in the afternoon.  When we hit Atlanta...the grits were so cute...they said,"Look at the skyscrapers!"  We drove on  until about 6 p.m. (with at least one gas/potty break) and then stopped at some BK for dinner.  You could not have seen a  happier Baby Grit! She was so happy to be out  of her car seat! She just danced around the entire time we ate  She was hysterical...and nope...not one one picture!  We headed back out hoping it was close enough to bed time that everyone would pass out and we'd have a long, peaceful drive until morning.  Not happening!  The older 3 grits did just fine.  We popped in a movie and they watched until they fell asleep.  Baby Grit, on the other hand, woke up every 20 minuted or so screaming her head off.  She was so pitiful the first few times because she was trying to get me to get her "out" and she would reach those baby arms and legs as far as she could to me.  So, to calm her down I was literally having to crawl over the seat, sit on the corners of both most of my tushy was actually floating in the air...not very comfortable....and hug her in her car seat.  This went on ALL night.  It finally got to where I could hold her head in my hands and she would calm down.  So I leaned over the seat for a while, sat on my "air cushion", and finally crammed myself in between the front seat and her seat on the floor for a while.  i know....where was my seat belt?!?  Not around me...that's for sure.
     This, of course, meant that I could not relieve Mr. Steady for any kind of he stopped for an energy drink at about midnight.  I did get a few minutes to nap here and there, but he drove all the way with no sleep.  He is a rock! 

      We did get to do a little  more sight seeing. As we were driving through Washington D.C. you could see the Washington Monument and the Capital building from the road.  Sporty Grit and Goofy Grit were awake and I was like"look! look! there they are! " In a dazed stupor they did their best to try to figure out what I was talking about and pointing at.  Poor Dancing grit missed it all!

     We arrived at the Jersey border around 6 CST!  I would love to say we hard core and just gloat about being able to make it all the way without stopping.  But, the truth is it was just God's grace.  I could feel the blanket of prayers covering us the whole way! Thanks to all of you for praying and praise God for getting us through it!
     We stopped and ate a BK, of course.  Then headed up to my brother's in central Jersey.

Coming Soon: The big mall with the elevator!

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