My Trip to New Jersey: Heading to North Jersey

So, my aunt lives in Little Falls.  I knew it would be North Jersey.....I just didn't realize how North!  We were 11 miles from the city.  And you could tell by the traffic!  We took her advice and headed that way well before 4:30....when the city traffic would be on the roads.  Didn't matter.....Mr. Steady almost had a nervous breakdown. Really.  I'm not kidding.  The traffic was moving way too fast for my slow paced, small town,southern boy.  There were tons of lanes, tons of exits and cars just whizzing by us.  I didn't know where we were going, so he had to rely on the GPS. We all know how frustrating those things can be!  I think he could have hit somebody when he got out of the car he was so stressed. (hmmm...makes you think) Anyway,  he was saying, "That's it! We are not going anywhere else. We're here.....we're just staying here."  I think he was partly serious for a  while.  We had a trip to the beach planned for the next day....which would be another hour back to central Jersey! This could have been a problem.  Thankfully,  after he had a little while to calm down he was fine.  By the end of the 4 days up there....back and forth an hour both ways.....he was weaving in and out of that traffic like a pro!


Sharon Cz said...

I'm with Mr. Steady! My friend Shirley and I chose to fly to New Hampshire and HIRE A TAXI rather than attempt to drive to Boston. We almost had a fight over who had to drive from the airport in NH to the hotel. So I'm there!

Joyce said...

Sharon....hahahaha......good to know he's not alone:)