My Trip to New Jersey: My Home Town

 The next stop I wanted to make was my home town of Colts Neck, New Jersey.  I really wanted to show my grits the old colonial house I grew up in that sits in front of a horse field, next to a corn field, and across from the apple orchards. new Jersey! It's not all Newark!
     It was so great to drive through my town of Colt's Neck.  The horse farms, the apple orchards, the quiet streets  I had forgotten how much I loved the town I grew up in.
I wish we had time to stop at Delicious Orchards.  They are the upper scale grocery store attached to the orchards in town.  You can go pick your apples over there. Or, just get them at the grocery store.  It is a lovely store with all sorts of home-made goodies.  It was not the season for them, but if you' re ever there in the fall, you should absolutely try the apple cider donuts!  Delicious!

There is so much history in my hometown!  This is what Delicious Orchards started as.....
 And this is what it is now......

 There are so many places that have been there since the early 1900's....including my house!  I would love to do a whole post on the history of my hometown.  What is so neat is how the old buildings are still standing today!  Sounds like a great unit study and field trip, huh?

     Back to my trip........
     We showed them my house and the horse field and corn field I used to play in as a little girl. ( I tried to find pictures, but I couldn't.  I wanted all of you to see it, too.  It was such a great place to grow up.)  I think they were slightly impressed.  They wanted to know if we went all the way to the farm and talked to the farmer.  I said no because the one time we tried to go all the way to the other side a dog chased us all the way home!  Guess the farmer did not want to make friends!
     It was a quick tour, but at least they know where I grew up now.

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