An amazing thing is happening.....

I have worked   this summer to clean out and organize our home.  I also waited to start school until I had most of it completely planned and organized. I believe my hard work is paying off! An amazing thing is happening around here......
In this relaxed, organized schooling grits are becoming self teachers! 
Sporty Grit made up her own letter recognition activity.  She put all these puzzle pieces in alphabetical order.  I was hurrying her to the school table when I had to stop myself and say...." She is learning....back off....the schedule can wait!"  (Maybe a trip to the library for a book on the Charlotte Mason  is in order?) After she finished putting all the pieces in alphabetical order, she attached the numbers below.  How she did this was so interesting.  She would put as many spaces in between as was the next number.  So the 2 was put 2 spaces away from the 1, and the 3 three spaces over, etc.  Isn't that cool?  Her brain works so differently then mine....I never would have thought to do that!
Dancing Grit was in on it as well.....

Can you see that she has written "hola" on this paper.  She is making a Spanish  game after doing  her Hooked on Spanish lesson.   It was completely her idea....and of course her OCD Yankee Momma had to remind her she had lots of other work to do....when will I learn! 
I am so excited to see them thinking up their own learning activities and projects.  It's my #2 goal in teach them to love learning!   (The first is to raise them in knowledge and love of the Lord. )
I believe that they get just as bogged down as we do when they are not in an organized environment.  An organized home is a peaceful home....and a peaceful home benefits everyone.


Gretta said...

I am trying to organize our home as well to do just what you said...have a more peaceful home & a more peaceful learning environment. I struggle as well with letting them "learn" outside of my schedule of learning at the table time. I think it something all homeschooling Moms deal with. Like you, I have to remind myself they are still learning even if it isn't on my structured schedule. Hope you guys have a great school year, too!

Hanna said...

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Heather said...

I'm trying hard to get on the organizing train, but I get sidetracked sooo easily. I hope you have a great school year and things go smoothly!
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Joyce said...

Hey, ladies! Thanks for commenting and following!

I am looking forward to getting to know all of you through your blogs! Hopefully, we can help each other figure out how to add organization, peace and fun to our lives and the lives of our familes!

Heather....I will definitely join your blog hop!

amy2blessings said...

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We home school to.
Have a blessed weekend.

Just Married with Coupons said...

Hi there! That is so awesome, your kiddos look super proud of themselves too!

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