The Busy Bible

Judy at Busy Bibles,Inc has offered a $5.00 discount to anyone who orders the Busy Bible after reading this review!   You will have to order over the phone (#407-671-7972)  and tell them you read the review here at Joyful Creations 2 Honor Him. 

I  have been given a wonderful  opportunity to review a Busy Bible! And, let me tell you.....I am truly  in love with it!  This hand-made treasure is jam packed with tons of activities for little hands (and some bigger ones, too)!   The pages are so well made and  thought out....none of us have been able to keep our  hands off of it!
I think the best way to tell you about this amazing, hand-made book is going  to be to show you.......

The gorgeous cover!

  The Creation Globe Genesis 1:  each flap reveals a picture of what God created on the corresponding day. The book and chapter for each story represented are given at the top of every page. 

Noah's Ark:Genesis 6 and 7 The ark is actually a pocket for the animals!  Too cute! 

The pillar of Salt: Genesis 19:24-26 Here she is before she turned and looked back.....
Here she is after.  This salt side is made with some kind of material that feels salt!

Joseph's Coat of Many Colors: Genesis 37:3 The coat buttons on and off smart!

Baby Moses in the Bulrushes: Exodus 2:1-10  I love that you have to pull back the bulrushes to find baby Moses in the basket.  He is a separate piece and comes in and out!

Ruth gathering Grain: Ruth2:2-3  The grain is Velcros to the page and they can pull it off and put it in the basket!
King Solomon's Treasures: I Kings 10:14-23   Look at the treasure...isn't that clever.  and the bracelet is on a strong Baby Grit can't break it!  It fits perfectly on her wrist and she loves to wear it!

Jonah and the Great Fish: Jonah 1:17-2:10  Jonah can be zipped up in the whale or removed and put in the Moses basket as Baby Grit kept doing the first day she played with it!

The Birth f Jesus: Luke 2:1-7  The stable is a pocket to hold all the play pieces while not in use!

Peter Fishing Matthew4:18-20  The fish snap on and off so  they can fill the net with them. 
The Good Samaritan: Like 10:30-34  Look at the tiny bandages to cover the wounds! They all store neatly in the basket until it's time to fix him up!
Dorcas Makes  a Garment :Acts 9:39 The dress laces open and closed....perfect!

This is the back cover...isn't it beautiful!  Such an easy way to prompt conversations about Jesus' death on the cross with even the smallest tot! 

This is the little  bible it comes with that tells the story of Jesus in colors...something all toddlers love! (there is a sheet included to reference for each color and its meaning) 
The age listed on this product is 3 and up.....but Baby Grit is having a ball with it.  She is not bad about putting things her mouth ....and I watch her closely because I don't want her to tear this beautiful book up.  Although, it is made so well....I don't think  she could really hurt it.   This Busy Bible has been a great way to introduce her to all these great bible stories and is sure to be a favorite for years to come!

Buy It: You can purchase The Busy Bible at for $42.95 plus tax and shipping.  This hand-made book is truly heirloom quality.  This would make a very special gift/keepsake/toy for any child!

*We received the Busy Bible compliments of Busy Bible, Inc. We were not compensated in any other way and all opinions are our own*

Here are the Grits enjoying The Busy Bible.....
See baby Moses going into the whale....????


T's Blog said...

There is a baby who sits beside us at church who has this. My three year old is always trying to get her hands on it. She loves it!

Joyce said...

Thanks for the comment T....this bible is definitely addictive!

Daphna said...

This is wonderful & looks well made. Thanks for the share :P

Anonymous said...

I think this is in the Veritas Press catalog under Kindergarten...I've had my eye on it for a while now.'s pretty expensive, your review has me reconsidering though...

Quick ? ... how did you manage to get into the whole 'review' thing? And, do you get to keep the products you review?

Thank you for stopping by, and for such a nice comment. I've been pretty 'quiet' lately (busy, spinning), but hope to get back to my blog soon, so soon.


Amy Walker said...

That is so cool! I'm about to start trying to make my own cloth books. It looks like so much fun. She's so creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(about to be your newest follower from the hop!)