CVS is Best ! $5 Challenge

All of this for 5.10 plus tax!

This was all 75% off on clearance!

Every week Keeping the Kingdom First does a $5 CVS challenge.  Go here to see the rules.  I love this challenge because now that I am stocked up, I am trying to get my budget down to $50 a week for groceries and toiletries.   This challenge really helps me keep to my budget! 
 I get so excited about it every week and I want to tell everyone I see! The Grits and Mr. Steady are a little tired of hearing my deal scenarios....sooooo....I thought Id' share them here!

Here's what I did this week.  I went a few cents over this week, but I'm pretty sure close counts. 
Transaction #1
2 Dentyne @.99
1 Stride Shift@.99
$2/3 (SS 8/08/10)
$.97 ECB from last week
    Total= $0.00 OOP  and .99 ECB left

Transaction #2
Buy 2 High Octane chews 1.99
 BOGO printable (this came from but I don't see it anymore)
 1.99 ECB from last week 
Total= $0.00 and 1.99 ECB left

Transaction #3
1 Schick Hydro Razor@8.97
1 Schick Shave Gel@3.99
5/1 Schick Hydro Razor (SS Insert 8/08/10)
Free with purchase  Schick Shave Gel (peelie on the razor)
1.99 ECB from last week
.99 ECB from previous transaction
Total= $.99 plus tax and 4.00 ECB left

Transaction #3 
Lindsey Olives 2 @ 1.00
Freezer Pak @.49
Plastic Forks @ .49
Napkins 2@.49
Slip and Slide @3.25
6 PC Beach set @ .75
Diving Sticks @ 1.25
Sobe Water 6 @1.79 BOGO
(2) .55 off Lindsey olives (peelie from resealable lid product)
4.00 ECB from previous transaction
Total = $4.11 plus tax

Thanks to Couponing to Disney and  Keeping the Kingdom First for these deal scenarios!

Feel free to ask any questions you might have.  I'll answer them as soon as I can.

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