First Day of School Portraits

Here are our home-made first day of school portraits.  They are not professional....they are not even done with a great camera....but I have them....that's what counts! 
Check out all of the posing going on!  They don't get it from me...I wouldn't know how to pose  for a picture if my life depended on it!  
Dancing Grit-Third Grade

Sporty Grit-First Grade
Goofy Grit-Kindergarten (look at her leg)
The class minus one:)  Baby Grit just would not get in the picture!  With my first baby I would have kept at it forever trying to get her to take a the 4th one...I just let it go!  Oh, and check out the hips on the middle grit!
The class....take two!  Check out the shoulder.
My cheerleader squad in the making!  I'm not a cheerleader...never was....but I've got almost half a squad now!
More poses.....Sporty Grit chose this one. 

This is my favorite's just sweet.

Finally got Baby Grit!  Look at her laugh!  She loves to swing!.


Brandi said...

Very Cute! Hope you all had a great 1st day!

Daphna said...

Great pictures, you have beautiful girls :P. We need to take some pix ourselves. Gonna have to think of a good place I wanna go to do it.