Highlights in School : Week of September 6th

Making tiny scrolls to fit in our tiny clay jars
Really cool cards on space we found in the Target dollar section.  She loved these!  They have really great photos and lots of info!

And then there was the Field Trip!!!!   
What kid doesn't like field trips...well, this mommy likes them, too!
Our local art museum is hosting a free art program for homeschoolers once a month.  Yes, I said free...isn't that awesome!  They are part of Auburn University and run on educational grants and donations.  Lucky us! 
What a great way to let someone else teach my kiddos a few things!
They did a wonderful job!  This month they were allowed to work with water color pencils.  These are a really neat medium that all of my grits are now anxious to add to our art supplies.  They also gave each age group a tour of a section of the museum. 
They even let Baby Grit give it a try.....she ended up with more on her forehead then the paper.....but she was as happy as a clam!

Eventually, we did have to take a walk outside.  We found some fun fountains....I don't know how I kept her from getting soaked.  Thanking God for small favors!
Then she found the butterflies!  You'll have to trust me....it's there.  I need a better camera.

All my grits checking out the butterflies.
Dancing Grit's Masterpiece
Sporty Grit's Masterpiece
Goofy Grit's Masterpiece
Baby Grit's work in progress Masterpiece

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