A Little More of Our First day 2010

I give them new school supplies every year.  We are really stocked up already, so it's just cool stuff I find on clearance the year before....yes...I keep it in a box in my closet  for a whole year! It just kills me to pay full price for stuff I know will be 75% off at some point! But, the price I pay is storing it for an entire year. 
The face paint was from  Earth Fare the night before
This year they also got some new shirts...every kid needs new school clothes.  Even if you could actually school in your PJ's all day...you don't always want to. 


We had an early  visitor to a class.....a ladybug!  This is what happens when you tell your 8 yr old to take pictures because you are busy......

This was really cute....she was trying to pick up the rocks off the road.  They just would not move!

Everyone has to play with baby Grit at some point....otherwise she gets into EVERYTHING!  Goofy Grit did a great job keeping her busy!

Hard at work!
All my preparation paid off!  We had a really good first day.  it went pretty smooth and we got all that I planned accomplished.  Don't be too impressed...I have learned you always plan a light day the first day!
The highlight of the day had to be Goofy grit, though.  She is so ready to learn....she was just rarin' to go!  She has also taught herself the letter names and sounds and her numbers......so we breezed through everything!  I was so worried about her and her attention span......but she did great!  I was so giddy over it I ACTUALLY giggled through her Whole lesson...every time she answered something correct I was laughing with joy! I would have looked a little crazy to a fly on the wall.....but you just don't know what a relief this was to me!

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