Makin' It Happen Mondays: A to Z Kindergarten Schedule and Workboxes

     Here is my Goofy Grit decorating her Creation Number 4.  If you use MFW you know what that is.  Somehow I only had one set of these and must have used them last I just printed out some blank numbers and we are making them ourselves.  Day 4 for is the stars, moon and sun.  She has colored them and now she is putting on the star stickers.  
    I wanted to share what is working for us with her school since I was stressing sharing my concerns  over schedules on here already.    Each grit gets one hour of my undivided attention every theory....of course..... there are always interruptions.  But, if they are not school related or if they can wait I shoo them away and tell them "it's not your hour."
     So, Goofy Grit gets from 9 am to 10 am.  We are still in the first 10 Creation Days and we are finished well before that hour is up!  Hopefully, we will be able to get everything else done in this time, too.
 I picked up this hand dandy little crate at the Dollar Tree....for a $1, of course!  It holds all of the stuff we need on a daily basis during our time together.

She really does not do much "school" after that hour.  She mostly plays with Baby Grit.  But, if she wants to do more school or I need her to do more....I just have this box of learning activities for her to choose from.  It really happened this way because the Dollar Tree did not have anymore of the plastic bags I am using for the other grits.   I think this is better for her because I just leave it all in there every week and she can come and go as she pleases.
So to recap...... Red Crate-what she has to do and Clear Box-what she can choose to do.  For now....this is working.


Pam said...

You are so organized! I really like your blog and am passing on the "One Lovely Blog Award" to you. I hope you enjoy it. Your blog is so well done and I am learning from you.

Joyce said...

Thanks so much, Pam! I can't wait to find the blogs I get to pass it on to! Thanks, again!