Pretty Thrifty Thursday: Using Up Leftovers

Here is my thrifty tip of the week.....use those leftovers!  I have gotten in the habit of taking whatever veggies  and meats are hanging around  my fridge and throwing them  into  my  crock with some chicken broth or bullion and water.  I usually end up with a pretty tasty soup...while getting rid those pesky leftovers!  Just don't mix breaded chicken and tomato  becomes tomato mush...yuck!
This week I had some New Mexico Pinto Beans I threw it in with these ingredients ...and walla!  We had some tasty soup for lunch!  Only Dancin' Grit gets into these soups with me, soooo....more for us!  We loved this one...and she dubbed it Messy Mexican Soup because she kept spilling it on her shirt.  Somehow it was the soup's fault...???
Seriously, though.  Try this sometime with any leftover veggies and such that you have.  I'm telling's almost fail proof...almost:)
Pretty Thrifty!

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