We Did It Wednesday! Clay Jars from Salt Dough

Sporty Grit is studying scrolls right now in MFW First Grade. We learned that they were sometimes stored in clay jars.  So, the cool activity they have for you to do is to make clay jars out of salt dough.  All the Grits wanted to know if they could eat it.  I said, "Sure, but you probably don't want to."  Well, they just had to try it.  The verdict......it's salty! Ha! Silly Grits!  I told you so!  It only has a half a cup of salt in it.  They are like their Momma.....they have to see it to believe it;)  After the taste tests were done, they got down to work.
This one cracks me up...she had to be right in the middle!  Literally!

The almost finished products.....I still have to let them paint them......

 A few actually look like jars...some like ash trays and others like baseball stadiums...don't ask!
I have learned to let go of the idea of "perfect" projects, though. There is just no way to monitor all of  their creativity when there are 4 of them and one of me!  Just as well......I think it's better for them when I don't interfere.  I think they will be more creative and confident  if they are allowed creative freedom now. 

Here is the recipe:

Cornstarch Modeling Clay (for about 6 small Jars)

Combine:             1/2 Cup cornstarch
                            1/2 Cup Salt
                            3/4 Cup Flour
Slowly Add:         1/2 Cup water until mixture can be kneaded without being too sticky
Optional:               Add food coloring tot he water before mixing it to make an earthy color. (We're going
                              paint ours)

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