We Did It Wednesday! Gelatin Letter "S"

We made Gelatin Letters for the our study on the letter "S".  Goofy Grit was so proud to be working on a project all her own!
why I picked red I'll never know....I was holding my breathe the whole time....but she did great...did not spill or splash any!
I also made a salt box for practicing forming the letters.  This is really cool and was a big hit with everyone except mommy....it gets all over the place!  I'm thinking I may try powder instead. 
All of these activities are suggestions from our awesome My Father's World Curriculum.  They incorporate all learning styles into their lessons.  Just one of the things I love about them!

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Just Married with Coupons said...

That looks like fun, what a great idea! We made some chocolate tonight with our son.. he really loved it!

We stopped by to let you know that we have given you an award!

Hey there! Guess what? We have given you an award! =-)

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