Baby Grit Turned 2!

She loooooves Elmo!  Or "Mo-Mo" as she used to say.  So, of course we had to do it up with Elmo!  This was a really fun theme!
Here she is talking to her Elmo balloon.  The two became fast friends and she dragged him along with her all day!
She got it right away that those cupcakes were Elmo! Yay!
Here she is opening her presents.  She got more then enough help from the big Grits!

All of our birthday celebrations on done on a budget.  I try to be as thrifty as possible when planning.  Here are a few of the  things I found at great prices to make it fun without breaking the bank.
These were super cheap on sale with a coupon and there are plenty left for me!

These were FREE at Wal-mart  with an online coupon!

Mr. Steady made fun of me for these. But, they were on clearance after Christmas and they were the right color. The Grits could have cared less that they were getting candy canes in October!

I found these along with the tablecloth at Target on clearance.  I found the plates and napkins at the dollar store!

I made the cupcakes myself with homemade butter cream icing.  If you want to see it step by step go here.  Check out  Easy Birthday Cakes for easy cakes and cupcakes you really can make yourself.  I also recommend investing in a decorator tool if you don't know how to decorate a cake.    I love my  Pampered Chef  Decorator!  No one ever know the difference, except that I always tell on myself.   Here is the recipe I use for butter cream icing.

I reuse the candles.  I keep them in a box under my bed.  I also keep a stash of things like balloons and streamers in my shed.  So I usually have those on hand.

This celebration cost me under $20!  I know I am not throwing an all out birthday party with lots of guests, but my 4 Grits do make a small party.  So, I'm thinking I did pretty good!

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