An Elmo cake or Elmo cupckaes or just buy a cake? What to do.....

      Don't leave the decision until 6 am the morning of the birthday!  That's what! I'm not sure when I became such a procrastinator...oh, birth. 

     Somehow, I pulled it off.  Here they are.  What do you think? I was happy with them, except I wished I had bought the little tube of black icing so I could make a mouth.  But, the important part is Sam knew who they were instantly.  She kept pointing to them saying "Elmo!"  A score for Mommy!

     Since it was just our immediate family I only made 4 cupcakes.  This is the bottom tier to my cupcake stand.  My MIL attached cookie Monster in the center with a streamer to fill the space for me.  Because I am a perfectionist and the gaping hole was bothering me....even if it was just for my kids. Ever time I looked at it all I could think was "Super Cookie Monster"!  But, it worked.

So, now do you want to hear the rest of the story?

      These were not the cupcakes I had originally decided on.  The ones I found at Cool had red icing piped on like Elmo's fur.  (The eyes and nose were as planned.)  BTW....the eyes were from a snowman cookie kit I got at CVS  on clearance last winter.  (We never made them)  And the noses are orange jelly beans.
Now, back to the icing.  It started out fine......
Here I am beating the powder sugar with the butter
Adding the vanilla

And then the milk

Adding a little red icing I borrowed from my MIL because I procrastinated.
I usually use the Wilton gel from Hobby Lobby, but did not have time to go get it. 

And some more

The rest of her  bottle!

Another tube I ran to Winn Dixie to buy!  I put in the whole tube all at once!
I am starting to panic at this's not turning red! 

The I added orange that I had on hand to see if it would make anything didn't.

Here it is heading to the freezer.  This picture does not give the true color.  It's like a bright coral color.  I'm thinking I will take some coral frosted cupcakes to Goofy Grits soccer party this week.

     The moral of the story is don't procrastinate so you have what you need on hand...... and don't give up hope because you can usually make something work!  I threw together another batch of butter cream icing, piped it on with the half moon tip from my Pampered Chef Decorator, added red sprinkles, and then the eyes and nose.  No child was the wiser! 

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