Freezer Friday: Taco Soup

It's a small batch, but every bit helps!

I never make this the same.  I am sure I have followed a recipe before.....but mostly I just throw what is on hand in the crock and hope for the best.  It usually comes out's kinda hard to mess this one up... that is a theme with me, huh?  I guess I go for easy because I just really don't like to cook.
Here it is.....

1 lb browned ground beef
3-4 cans dark and  light kidney beans, drained
1 can whole kernel corn, drained
1 packet taco seasoning
1 packet ranch dressing
1 can crushed tomatoes
canned tomato sauce....until it's the consistency you like.

The grits and I really like Taco soup....but there is always so much leftover....we get tired of it as soup.   I'm thinking this will be great in some taco salad on Sunday!

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Jacquelin said...

Stopping in from the Friday Blog Hop. I have been peaking around your blog and I have enjoyed what I have read. Signed up to follow you and can't wait to read more later. I am the Momma of 5 girls. I never thought of the shoe box containers in drawers, clever idea. I will have to take that into account as I start switching the clothes out for the fall/winter season. Thanks for the reciepe too, we haven't tried Taco Soup yet. Have a great day!