I don't know how you do it all.....

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is a statement I hear a lot!  More than one person in my life has made this comment to me.  Honestly, I don't feel like I do that much more than most people.  But, I do agree that I have a lot on my plate and struggle constantly with "how to get it all done."

     Most of the time I lose sleep and end up tired and stressed because my mind is always focused on the next task.  I worry constantly if  "I have done enough today to keep tomorrow from overwhelming me."   I have been looking for a way  to do all most of the things I enjoy doing, be the wife and mother God has called me to be and to do it all without feeling so on edge.

     Well, I have to look no further!  One of my favorite bloggers  has just  come out with an excellent e-book, Tell Your Time!  There are a few things , lately, that make me want to jump up and down with joy. Not figuratively, but literally!  This e-book is one of them!  What an answer to prayer!  Amy's philosophy is that you control time, it doesn't control you!  Isn't that simple and profound and life changing?!?

     In this awesome e-book she gives  easy, fast, step-by-step instructions on time management.  She helps you figure out what things are most important to you and how to spend your time focused on those things!   She teaches you how to use a great time management tool so you can  really figure this all out!

     I love that the book is simple and to the point! I am a pretty impatient person.  When I see something I like I want it right then.  The fact that  I was able to download my copy, read through it while it printed and work through the steps last night before bed is great for me!  Now, this morning, I am ready to start on my newly set schedule for a more focused and fulfilled life!   

Amy is selling the Tell Your Time  e-book at a great discount right now!  Regularly $12 she is offering it for a limited time at $7  with the promo code InTheClub!  She is also offering her affiliate program to anyone who buys it and likes it!  So, if you buy it and like....which I feel sure you will....you can join the program and make 50% of all of your sales!  Awesome, right! 

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