Make Happen Mondays: Taking Action!

This week is going to be all about taking action!  Taking all the actions I need to be the wife, mother, child of God I want to be. I am created to be. God made me unique and special and He has plans for me. He can do it without me, but He doesn't want to. Isn't that amazing?!?!?   He wants to include me in His awesome plans.

I am charged with the care of my family in scripture. So, my action today is about making plans to feed my family more healthful foods by cooking them from scratch. I need to get back to planning my meals and freezer cooking. I have gotten slack about the two things....which I usually do when life gets busy. Then, at dinner time, my life is in chaos! I know freezer cooking is the answer and know I need to keep up with it! Today I made a menu plan for the week. And I made a list of freezer recipes using meat I already have. What I have planned should last for a month, maybe more. I made a grocery list out and plan to shop tomorrow night. I will cook on Friday. I may not make every dish this Friday. But, I will have the ingredients on hand to finish up when I have time. I will post more details on this week's freezer cooking later.

I plan on taking action in some other areas of my life this week, as well. Stay tuned and maybe I can encourage/inspire you to do the same!

Thanks Kat @ Inspired to Action for Motivational Mondays and the inspiration to take action!

Are you taking action this week? I love comments and would love to hear about it!

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