Maximize Your Mornings: Progress Report

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Mondays will probably be be devoted to the Maximize Your Mornings Challenge I am taking over at Inspired to Action  for a while.  Blogging it is such great accountability for me.

So how did week one go, you ask?

I have to be honest and say that I did not get up as early as I planned to on  most mornings.  I'm still having issues with going to bed on time.  The computer, dinner dishes, and lesson plans all call to me after the kids get in bed! I end up getting sucked into staying up. This leads to a 6 or 6:30 wake-up.

  But, all was not lost!  I stuck to my plan, anyway, and I  was still able to get my minimum exercise in, shower, and start quiet time a little late.  The grits were awake for most of it.  So, I put in Veggie Tale movies and just let them watch while I finished up.

Even though I was not right on schedule, it was still a much better start to our days!

Something else I put into action this week ....switching our diet over to a more healthy all natural/organic diet!
We took the pantry makeover challenge at Earth Fare this week to get the ball rolling!

Coming Soon.....
Earth fare pantry makeover details
Maximize Your Mornings Goals for week 2

 I better get off this thing, now!   I am already way behind schedule!
Have a blessed day!

Are you taking the Maximize your Mornings Challenge or any other challenge to make you a better wife or mother? 
Leave a comment and let me know!
Let's be a source of encouragement and accountability to each other!


Michelle said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am on board with you. I started Friday and my challenge is a little different because my day starts when my husband gets if he pushes snooze a few times and decides to start his day at the office a little late (flex time) then my day starts off like a rocket trying to help him get out the door and the kiddos fed, and, and, and.. So he and I are both trying to have a reasonable regular start time to our day... But, like you said BEDTIME is the hardest. It's the only quiet time we get and it's sooo hard to keep track of the time!!
Good Luck, Sister!! We CAN do this!! (through our good Lord's strength and power!)

Joyce said...

Glad you are doing this, too:) I have been wondering if I should start my day with my hubby, too. But, he gets up at 3:30 am! I don't think I could do it and not fall asleep during school:)

Keep me posted on how it's going!
Give our love to Rhoni and Anna!